Float Plan Sailing Yacht Fitz Roy

Current Status (30.4.2020)
Drydocked in Grenada

This is Sailing Yacht Fitz Roy HBY4707. I am sailing in the Caribbean after having crossed the Atlantic in February 2020. Currently 1 person on board. This page is intended for search and rescue operators (see B: vessel identification and communications below) and our friends and emergency contacts (what to do if we are missing).

A: If we are missing (or you think we are) follow these steps:

  1. Please check svfitzroy.com/map to see our current position.
    If you don’t find our location or we seem in the same place for a while, we might be out of reach or there is a simple technical problem.
  2. If you are concerned try our cellphone +41 79 788 7551 (WhatsApp). If you can’t reach us we probably have no reception. Don’t worry.
  3. Try to call our Inmarsat satellite phone +870 77 626 7394, we might not pick up as the phone is turned off. Send us a text message sms to this number so we can call you back.
  4. Send us an email to onboard@svfitzroy.com; We will check our email every 12 hours when out on longer passages.
  5. If you have further reasons to be worried contact Rescue Coordination Centre Zurich +41 58 654 39 38 (ops@@rega.ch), they are the first point of contact for Switzerland registered yachts and will help you find the closest MRCC (according to our last known position) which again will help inquire about the whereabouts of our ship. The information on this page is all they need, send this link svfitzroy.com/sar to the involved rescue authorities by email.
  6. Sailors are very active on social media, via radio nets and email. The following people and groups can post requests to certain Facebook groups to inquire about the whereabouts of our boat and crew, this can be the best way to find out who saw us last and where:
    1. Glenn Tuttle, owner of boatwatch, Glenn@BoatWatch.org
      +1 941-456-5070 facebook.com/glenn.tothill.9
    2.  Usefull Facebook Groups: post your concerns together with the link svfitzroy.com/sar so they know where to look.
    3. Contacts to local search and rescue authorities around the world can be found here: sarcontacts.info
  7. Remember: Search and Rescue operations at sea are very expensive. Do not initiate any rescue operation if you are not certain that we are missing. Our boat is extremely well equipped and the chance that we disappear without being able to contact rescue authorities by our selfs is highly unlikely.

B: Information for Search and Rescue Operators

Vessel Identification
Name and Port: Fitz Roy, Basel (CH)
Registration: www.smno.ch Reg.Nr. 06399
Year, Make, Model: 1992, Hallberg Rassy 36
Type, Material: Sloop, Fiberglass
Hull, Color: White with blue decorative stripe, teakdeck
Prominent Features: Radar Pole / Solar Panel Arch at Rear
Engine: Volvo Penta 55hp inboard, 350lt Diesel

Vessel Communications
Callsign: HBY4707
MMSI (for DSC): 269105780
Voice: VHF CH16 voice watch, MF/HF voice capabilities with prior DSC call (no voice watch)
Inmarsat Sat Phone: +870 77 626 7394
Onboard Email (pactor) onboard@svfitzroy.com
AIS Transponder (Vesper Marine XB6000)

Safety Equipment
EPIRB with HEX Code 21A433A680FFBFF
Personal AIS MOB integrated in Lifevest (Ocean Signal MOB1)
Liferaft Plastimo Transocean Plus 4p 24+ hrs.
Radar, Charts, GPS, 24kg Anchor w/ 80m chain.

Persons on Board
Owner/Operator: Alexander Wyssling, 4.4.1986
Zurichbergstrasse 27, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland

Crew: none

Primary 24-Hour Emergency Contact:
Walter Wyssling, (mobile) +41799196421,
(home) +41448254033, (work) +41583872413

Secondary 24-Hour Emergency Contact:
Stephan Rüegg, (mobile) +41798123729 stephan@rueegg.me

Sailing Vessel Fitz Roy HBY4707 from the side
Sailing Vessel Fitz Roy HBY4707 from the Air