About My Adventures with Fitz Roy

Hi, I’m Alexander and this is a quick introduction.

The more I think and learn about sailing and the oceans, the more I see our planet as a very small and fragile place that is worth seeing and exploring in a slow and less impactful way. Exploration is everywhere today and we are in a race to find the last wild places at any cost. Our grand parents are voyaging in floating cities to Antarctica. Topmanagers are being carried up Mt. Everest and bouldering in South Africa and skiing in Japan is a daily routine for the kids. All advertised and sponsored by the worlds top brands like National Geographic and North Face or Patagonia who presumably care for our planet. Contrary to popular advertising mantra I believe that the earth is not a playground.

At the time I am 34 years old and have worked for an adverting film production company as a producer. I studied graphic design and advertising and have spent roughly 12 years of my life in the industry. I feel that now is the time to change my lifestyle and that now is the time to inspire others to do so.

From a very young age my dad told me stories of his travels around the world back in the days. He is to blame for nurturing such a restless soul in me. And he is to thank for making me wonder and go find these places on and off in the last years. Many of these wild places might be gone and it is getting ever harder to find places less visited – but they do exist, even in a crowded place like the Mediterranen. We just have to go a few steps further off the track.

Wherever I go, my goal is to find places and people that are as happy to see me as I am happy to meet them. By living and traveling on a sailboat, I feel more connected to the locals and less alien. Most people you visit by boat live by and from the sea and they use the sea to sustain their way of life (fishing, diving, tourism) they understand what it took to visit them, that I got there on my own and it was hard work and I had to choose this place wisely. They understand that and appreciate me as a visitor.

Fitz Roy is my home. It’s a 1992 Hallberg Rassy 36, it was refitted in the summer of 2017. I have done most of the work by myself and had amazing support from local carpenters and electricians whom I can’t thank enough for their friendship and outstanding work.

After quitting my full-time job in the spring of 2018. I sailed the whole summer of 2018 and went back to work as a freelance producer for the winter. I’ll keep doing this and sail in between. I have not decided on a definite route and will go mostly with the wind but generally west. I have since crossed the Atlantic and visited South America and the Caribbean. Fitz Roy is now stored in Grenada for hurricane season and I sail back to Europe on a delivery.

Say hello, I love hearing from you!

SAR Note: If you can’t reach us for days, it’s most likely because we have no cell reception, our AIS is suffering from lighting strike or the internet has been replaced by Tesla. Don’t panic! If you still think we are in trouble check out our Float Plan http://www.svfitzroy.com/sar